IDELAM was invited speaker for the 18th European meeting on supercritical fluids to present to the scientific community our technology, and the different projects we carry out with supercritical CO2. Thanks to the organisation committee for this opportunity and for the smooth running of the remote conferences.

The Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded his label to the IDELAM delamination process, considered as an innovative and efficient solution, with environmental benefits and economically sustainable. IDELAM has now joined the community of more than 1000 labelled solutions with the Solar Impulse Foundation.

IDELAM and the ReChauss project for the delamination of shoes have won the 2019 Innovation Challenge of the French eco-organism Refashion.

IDELAM has been pre-selected as part of the 20 most innovative solutions of 2021 for the Fashion For Good Accelerator Programme.

The French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine officially signed with IDELAM its financial participation for the ReChauss project, as proof of its commitment for the development of new technologies for the recycling of shoes.

Picture: Eric DURIVAULT (IDELAM) and Marie Christine BOUTHEAU (Waste management / circular economy of Nouvelle-Aquitaine)