In collaboration with the ICMCB laboratory, an article has been published in the French Journal L’Actualité Chimique N°476 of Septembre. The paper presents IDELAM and ICMCB work for the development of sanitation process for contaminated wastes from care and medical activities. This article is linked to the recent project launched by IDELAM in collaboration with Aquitaine Science Transfert in March 2022.

The ACD Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Polymeris organised in late September 2022 a day of meetings on the recycling of multimaterial complex wastes. IDELAM was present for the event as one of the speakers, alongside RESCOLL and CETIA, to present its delamination process using supercritical CO2 for complex wastes.

IDELAM’s director, Eric DURIVAULT, discussed with Shilpi Panjabi for an interview for the e-journal Fibre2fashion. Complete interview available at:

IDELAM was invited for the 13th international symposium on supercritical fluids in Montreal in May 2022. IDELAM was given the opportunity to present its work and development alongside its historical partner: the ICMCB laboratory, from the CNRS.

We're thrilled to announce that we've been selected among the 8 startups joining Fashion for Good 2022 Global Innovation Programme.

Congratulations to the other selected innovators: DyeRecycle, Ever Dye, Kintra Fibers, Modern Synthesis, Premirr Plastics, Refiberd and Rubi Laboratories