IDELAM is a Franco-Swiss company developing innovative processes for recycling and waste treatment. Our technology, based on a CNRS patent, is the result of several years of R&D and the expertise of the ICMCB laboratory (Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux) on chemical engineering innovation and development.

The IDELAM technology aims to promote the recycling of complex non-recyclable solid products by separating the different materials of which they are composed. By preferentially attacking the interfaces between materials, the IDELAM process enables the possibility to recover the separated materials so that they can be reused or recycled.


An Innovative Technology

The IDELAM process uses supercritical fluids and their exceptional properties in order to treat the products/wastes to be recycled efficiently, quickly and cleanly. By using mainly supercritical CO2 for its process, the IDELAM technology is low in energy consumption, non-harmful and uses a waste that is little recovered, although unfortunately more and more abundant.

The versatility offered by supercritical fluids, in terms of variations in operating conditions (temperature, pressure...), makes the IDELAM process very sturdy, allowing the treatment and delamination of a large number of products from very different fields of application.

Our technology is thus applicable to any complex product composed of several materials bound together. This includes, in particular, a large number of food packaging and wrapping (milk bricks, food gourds, coffee caps...), but also textile and fashion products (shoes, bracelets...), or more technical products such as skis, solar panels or PIN cards.


Technical Expertise and Equipement Manufacturer at your Service: more than 50 years of accumulated experience

Our technical team based in Pessac is at your disposal for any information related to the treatment of your products using our process. Specialised in supercritical solvothermal processes and materials chemistry, they will be able to answer your technical questions and plan tests on your products to recycle.

On the strength of our know-how in the field of recycling equipment and industry, IDELAM is also able to offer you a high-performance tool adapted to your recycling needs.